Shredding Services

Onsite secure shredding services start at $5.

Packing & Shipping

Full-service Packing and Shipping. Let our experts pack and ship your items for a safe, on-time arrival.

Document Scanning

Need to digitize a collection or just need to email something? Our professional scanners can help you with all of your scanning needs.

Warehouse Specials

Chairs, Tables, Desks, Lockers, Workstations, Cubicles and more await you at our Discount Warehouse. Inventory changes daily.

Document Destruction

Document Destruction

Document destruction (shredding services) are available at our retail store. Service starts at $5 for up to 5 pounds and $1/pound thereafter. Let us simplify your security. We handle all document destruction onsite. It's as simple as bringing a box of paper to our store. We'll weigh it, settle up with you, and you can be on your way.

Best Supporting Office Chair

Friday, 15 January 2016 by

Next up the award for best supporting office chair

And the award goes to….

That’s for you to decide. There are literally thousands of different office chairs on the market today. Is there really one chair that’s better than all the rest, for everyone? Truthfully, no there isn’t one chair out there that wins best supporting office chair, there are hundreds of office chairs.

Each manufacturer that we work with, Hon, Global, Offices To Go, Sit On It, Open Plan, Lorell, Office Space, and more offer what they feel is the best office chair. (more…)

Approach toCustomer Care

A three stepped approach to customer care provides our customers a unique experience throughout our entire business. Every customer is guided through the process with a product specialist.

Connect with a specialist +

Needs & Desires

A Specialist will be assigned to you in this first stage. That specialist will arrange a meeting time with you to discuss your vision for your office.

Solutions & Design

Your Specialist will communicate with you the unique solutions designed for you. The solution will be fine tuned during this time to verify all your needs will be met.

Solution Delivered

Your product specialist will arrange a delivery and implementation timeline with you. Your solutions will be prepared, delivered, and verified functional for you.